Metal Wax (16 oz)

Metal Wax (16 oz)
หมวดหมู่ TIRE & MAG ZONE
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เป็น เหมือน 2 in 1 ครับ คือขัดทำความสะอาดผิวหน้าโลหะ และ เคลือบด้วยในตัวครับ 
โดย abrasive หรือผงขัดจะไม่แรงเท่า MetalShineครับ ฉนั้นถ้างานหนักๆ MetalShine จะเหมาะกว่า
แต่ MetalWax จะมี Wax ผสมด้วยในตัวทำให้ เคลือบปกป้องด้วยครับ 
ถ้าเป็น รถใหม่ๆ ก็สามารถใช้ MeatalWax ได้เลยครับ 

Why Buy This Product? 
  • Enhance the shine and appearance of any metalwork
  • Advanced sealant technology
  • Removes light swirls and scratches
  • Provides shine and protection to the most sensitive of metalwork

How it Works
The metalwork on any vehicle is the final accent in creating your own personal work of automotive art. UV rays, salt, road tar, oxidation and unsightly stains can deteriorate the appearance of your vehicle's metalwork often leading to rust and permanent damage to your investment. Metal Wax Ultra Fine Metal Polish and Protection is designed to enhance the shine and appearance of any metalwork while providing long lasting protection from the elements. Metal Wax combines state-of-the-art jewelry fine micro cleaners with advanced sealant technology to create a unique cutting edge formulation that is engineered to perform. This unique ultra fine metal polish is outstanding at enhancing the shine and protecting chrome, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and any other metalwork creating a brilliant shine that lasts. Metal Wax is specifically designed to enhance the appearance of new or well-maintained metalwork with the unique ultra fine polish formulation. The ultra fine polish technology allows Metal Wax to cut through dull stains and oxidation to expose the true brilliance of precious metalwork. Our advanced polish technology quickly removes light scratches and scuffs from any metalwork creating a brilliant shine that stands out from the crowd.  

Endless Metalwork Versatility

Metal Wax is the perfect companion for any vehicle metalwork. Chrome and stainless steel can now have that mirror shine like brand new and stay looking great. Copper and brass can once again have the warmth and brilliance to stand out from the crowd. Metal Wax restores and protects exhaust tips, metal bumpers, aluminum trim, polished engine accessories and interior billet goods. The unique formulation of Metal Was is extremely versatile and can polish, restore and protect virtually any metal. Chemical Guys takes metalwork versatility to the next level technology. Step into the next generation of metalwork protection with Metal Wax.

High-Tech Ultra Fine Metal Polish

Metal Wax was developed utilizing an advanced ultra fine polishing technology designed to removes light swirls, scratches, and oxidation from any metalwork allowing the true brilliance to shine. The ultra fine polishing abrasives are extremely sensitive allowing Metal Wax to provide shine and protection to the most sensitive of metalwork. Soft and sensitive metals can often be difficult to polish because of how easy scratches and marring can occur. Metal Wax is extremely sensitive and is the perfect companion for jewelry collectors to keep their gold, silver, and platinum looking vibrant and amazing. The ultra fine polishing abrasives ensure that any stains and oxidation is easily removed from the metal to creates and classic shine that is truly show winning.

Brilliant Shine Enhancing Formula

Polishing metalwork is all about achieving the highest level of shine possible. The ultra fine polishing capabilities of Metal Wax allows the user to take any metalwork polishing to the next level. The high-tech Metal Wax formula eliminates the smallest imperfections that can diffuse the light source reflection allowing the true brilliance to shine. Metal Wax eliminates the smallest oxidation marks and stains that other fine metal polishes just can't remove. Metal Wax takes your vehicles metalwork to the next level of perfection. Let nothing stand in the way of the perfect shine with Metal Wax.

Protect New Metalwork

A new vehicle is the second most expensive investment the average person will make in their lifetime. When purchasing a new vehicle, it is important to protect all the surfaces including the precious metalwork. Without proper protection, new metalwork is subject to rust, oxidation, and staining that can lower the value of your new vehicle. Metal Wax has the power to protect you metalwork and ensures the vehicle holds value over the years. Metal Wax is perfect for protecting new exhaust tips, mufflers, trim, emblems, and interior billet pieces from the weathering effects of the elements. Keep your investments looking great for years to come with Metal Wax from Chemical Guys.
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